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Elk Tejas Wall Sconce - Montana Rustic - 616785/S8Elk Bolo Wall Sconce - Clear, Rustic - 914546/S8Elk Burnham Wall Sconce - Burned Copper, Clear - 915321Elk Pentaro Wall Sconce - Clear, Rustic - 915765/S2Elk Montana Wall Sconce - Clear, Montana Rustic - 916014Elk Century Wall Sconce - Rustic, Natural - 917486Elk Cross Votive Wall Sconce - Custom Antique Finish - SCONCE003Elk Single Votive Stave Sconce - Custom Antique Finish - SCONCE004Elk Priorato 1-Light Wall Sconce - Cafe Bronze - D4234Elk Haute Collar 1-Lt Wall Sconce - Pewter, Natural Rope, Clear - D4244Elk Brass Tear 1-Lt Wall Sconce - Antique Brass, Clear - D4245Elk Renaissance Invention Glass Ribbon 1-Lt Wall Sconce - Polished Nickel - D4266Elk Diplomat 5-Light Wall Sconce - Clear, Chrome - D4296Elk Renaissance Invention 1-Lt Wall Sconce - Aged Wood, Weathered Zinc - D4328Elk Line in the Sand Wall Sconce - Satin Brass, Antique Silver - D4335Elk Sunsphere 2-Lt Wall Sconce - Satin Nickel, Matte Black - D4339Elk Stonewall 2-Light Wall Sconce - White, Chrome - D4352Elk Stonewall 2-Light Wall Sconce - White, Gold - D4353Elk Moravian Star 1-Lt Wall Sconce - Oil Rubbed Bronze, Clear - D4387Elk Moravian Star 1-Lt Wall Sconce - Oil Rubbed Bronze, Clear Glass - 1145-025Elk Big Sky 2-Lt Wall Lamp - White, Clear and Frosted Crystal - D3319SETElk Renaissance Invention 3-Lt Wall Sconce - Aged Wood - D3999Elk Encore 1-Light Sconce - Antique Silver , Satin Brass - D4168Elk Precious Wall Sconce - Polished Nickel - D4203Elk White Nile 1-Light Wall Sconce - Matte White - D4214Elk Oheka 1-Light Wall Sconce - Mirror - 1114-336Elk Air Loom 1-Light Wall-Mount Pendant With Standard Plug - Washed White - D3800Elk Fuego 2-Light Wall Sconce - Concrete, New Aged Brass - D3803Elk Shelter 1-Light Wall Sconce - Concrete, New Aged Brass - D3804Elk Lasso 1-Light Wall Sconce - Grey Rope, Grey Brown Rust - D3865Elk Truth Or Consequences 1-Lt Wall Sconce - Brown Grey Rust - D3873Elk Sunscreen 1-Light Wall Sconce - New Aged Brass - D3881Elk Chromosphere Wall Sconce - Polished Nickel, White Marble - D3609Elk Rope Dart 1-Light Wall Sconce - Aged Gold, Oil Rubbed Bronze - D3611Elk Eagle'S Rest 1-Light Wall Sconce - Oil Rubbed Bronze - D3612WElk On Strand Wall Sconce - Oiled Bronze, Gold Leaf - 1141-077Elk Airesse 2-Light Wall Sconce - Brushed Slate, Mercury Glass - 1141-085Elk Picfair 1-Light Wall Sconce - Aged Brass, White Glass - 1141-090Elk Sun Dog 1-Light Wall Sconce - Aged Brass, Clear Glass - 1141-091Elk Anchorage 2-Light Wall Sconce - Oiled Bronze - 1141-092Elk Tiger By The Tail 2-Light Wall Sconce - Aged Brass - 1141-093Elk Londinium 1-Light Wall Sconce - Grey Marble, Aged Brass - D3686Elk Melt Down 1-Light Wall Sconce - Clear, Aged Brass - D3689Elk Annees Folles 2-Light Wall Sconce - White, Aged Brass - D3690Elk Massive Impact 1-Light Wall Sconce - Antique Gold - D3562Elk Waxley 4-Light Sconce - Antique Silver Leaf - 1141-029Elk Green Gallery 1-Light Sconce - Gold Leaf - 1141-033Elk Natural Gallery 1-Light Sconce - Gold Leaf - 1141-036Elk Orchestra 1-Light Sconce - Gold Leaf - 1142-014Elk Big Sky 2-Light Wall Lamp - White - D3319Elk Holepunch 2-Light Wall Sconce - Gold Leaf - 1124-004Elk Terra Cotta Tile Candle Sconce - Set Of 1 - Aged Terra Cotta - 305001SElk Gold Leaf Olympia 2-Light Double Wall Sconce - Antique Gold Leaf - 114-141Elk San Sebastian 2-Light Sconce - Spanish Antiquewood, Dark Bronze - 12254/2Elk Geosphere 2-Light Sconce - Polished Nickel, Parisian Gold Leaf - 12260/2Elk Culmination 1-Light Sconce - Weathered Zinc - 12290/1Elk Gridlock 1-Light Sconce - Matte Gold, Aged Silver - 12300/1Elk Transitions 1-Light Sconce - Oil Rubbed Bronze, Aspen - 12310/1Elk Boudreaux 2-Light Sconce - Matte Black, Antique Gold - 15340/2Elk Stone Manor 2-Light Sconce - Aspen, Matte Black - 15461/2Elk Crestler 2-Light Sconce - Weathered Zinc, Polished Nickel - 15661/2Elk Woodbridge 2-Light Sconce - Matte Black, Weathered Oak, Aged Brass - 16541/2Elk Naples 2-Light Sconce - Matte Gold - 16761/2Elk Flora Grace 2-Light Sconce - Champagne Gold - 18292/2Elk Beverly Hills 1-Light Sconce - Satin Brass - 30140/1Elk Structure 1-Light Sconce - Oil Rubbed Bronze, Natural Wood - 33320/1Elk Structure 1-Light Sconce - Satin Brass, Medium Oak - 33330/1Elk Crossbeam 1-Light Sconce - Oil Rubbed Bronze, Medium Oak - 33340/1Elk Wooden Barrel 2-Light Sconce - Oil Rubbed Bronze, Natural Wood - 33360/2Elk Wooden Barrel 2-Light Sconce - Satin Brass, Medium Oak - 33370/2Elk Glendon 1-Light Sconce - Matte Black, Burnished Brass - 46340/1Elk Wickshire 2-Light Sconce - Matte Black - 46381/2Elk Lakeshore Drive 1-Light Sconce - Matte Black - 46401/1Elk Winter's Spray 2-Light Sconce - Polished Chrome - 46780/2Elk Valante 1-Light Sconce - Satin Nickel - 47224/1Elk Geringer 1-Light Sconce - Charcoal, Beechwood, Burnished Brass - 47280/1Elk Melinda 1-Light Sconce - Polished Chrome - 47300/1Elk Shannon 2-Light Sconce - Polished Chrome - 75020/2Elk Shannon 2-Light Sconce - Oil Rubbed Bronze - 75030/2Elk Shannon 2-Light Sconce - Warm Brass - 75040/2Elk Daisy 2-Light Sconce - Midnight Bronze - 75092/2Elk Lanesboro 1-Light Sconce - Dusted Silver - 75100/1Elk Wembley 2-Light Sconce - Antique Gold - 75121/2Elk Katania 1-Light Sconce - Antique Gold - 75140/1