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Take a few minutes to browse our selection of light bulbs which vary in intensity, wattage, and bulb type. We carry everyday replacement bulbs, flood lights, frosted bulbs, energy efficient bulbs, and many more. Go green and get more for your money with our energy saving light bulbs that use[l3] less energy, which may lead to lower heating bills, while also helping the environment. Energy saving light bulbs differ from traditional light bulbs by reducing greenhouse gas emissions that can lead to global climate change. These specific bulbs are bright, yet compact and can typically last longer than other types of light bulbs.

Another light bulb option we offer is the compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs are another resourceful option that may save you money on your energy bill. Compact fluorescent bulbs, or CFLs, are compact types of tubular fluorescent lights that are known to be more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Since lighting is an important aspect of everyday home life, knowing your options is a useful tool when it comes to choosing which light bulbs work best for you. Lighting& has various light bulb options separated into categories to make your light bulb shopping less stressful!