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Fan Blades

Quorum AS/WLantern TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Antique Silver / Walnut 5259224125Quorum AS/WLantern TYPE 5-56 SEMISQ Antique Silver / Walnut 5659224125Quorum AS/WLantern TYPE 5-60 SEMISQ Antique Silver / Walnut 6059224125Quorum AW TYPE 1-30 SEMISQ Antique White Antique White 3066767121Quorum AW TYPE 1-42 SEMISQ Antique White Antique White 4256767121Quorum AW TYPE 1-52 OD SEMISQ Antique White Antique White 5256767321Quorum AW TYPE 1-52 SEMISQ Antique White Antique White 5256767121Quorum AW TYPE 5-56 SCLPD Antique White Antique White 5656767165Quorum AW/WSH OK TYPE 4-52 SCLPD Antique White / Washed Oak 5256752164Quorum Hudson BLACK 52" HUDSON POINT Black 5251515314Quorum BLACK TYPE 1-30 OD SEMISQ Gloss Black 3061515321Quorum BLACK TYPE 1-42 OD SEMISQ Gloss Black 4251515321Quorum BLACK TYPE 1-52 OD SEMISQ Gloss Black 5251515321Quorum BLACK TYPE 1-52 POINT Black 5251515111Quorum BLACK TYPE 5-52 OD SEMISQ Black 5251515325Quorum BLACK TYPE 5-56 OD SEMISQ Black 5651515325Quorum BLACK TYPE 5-60 OD SEMISQ Gloss Black 6051515325Quorum BROWN TYPE 1-52 OD SEMISQ Brown 5251313321Quorum CG/WLantern TYPE 5-52 SCLPD Corsican Gold / Walnut 5258824165Quorum CG/WLantern TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Corsican Gold / Walnut 5258824125Quorum CHERRY TYPE 1-30 SEMSQ Cherry 3062222121Quorum CHERRY TYPE 1-42 SEMSQ Cherry 4252222121Quorum Blades CHERRY TYPE 1-52 POINT Cherry 5252222111Quorum CHERRY TYPE 1-52 SEMSQ Cherry 5252222121Quorum CHERRY TYPE 2-52 SEMSQ Cherry 5252222122Quorum CHERRY TYPE 5-52 SEMSQ Cherry 5252222125Quorum CHERRY TYPE 5-56 SEMISQ Cherry 5652222125Quorum CHERRY TYPE 5-60 SEMISQ Cherry 6052222125Quorum DK OAK/RWD TYPE 1-52 SS Dark Oak / Rosewood 5255655121Quorum DK OAK/RWD TYPE 2-52 SS Dark Oak / Rosewood 5255655122Quorum DK OAK/RWD TYPE 3-52 SS Dark Oak / Rosewood 5255655123Quorum DK OAK/RWD TYPE 5-52 SS Dark Oak / Rosewood 5255655125Quorum DK OAK/RWD TYPE 5-56 SS Dark Oak / Rosewood 5655655125Quorum DK OAK/RWD TYPE 5-60 SS Dark Oak / Rosewood 6055655125Quorum DK OAK/WLantern TYPE 1-52 SS Dark Oak / Walnut 5255624121Quorum DK OAK/WLantern TYPE 5-52 SS Dark Oak / Walnut 5255624125Quorum DK OAK/WLantern TYPE 5-56 SS Dark Oak / Walnut 5655624125Quorum DK OK/RWD TYPE 1-52 POINT Dark Oak / Rosewood 5255655111Quorum DK OK/WNT TYPE 1-52 POINT Dark Oak / Walnut 5255624111Quorum DK OK/WNT TYPE 4-52 SCLPD Dark Oak / Walnut 5255624164Quorum DK OK/WNT TYPE 5-56 SCLPD Dark Oak / Walnut 5655624165Quorum DK/MD OAK TYPE 1-42 POINT Dark Oak / Medium Oak 4255650111Quorum DK/MD OAK TYPE 1-42 SEMSQ Dark Oak / Medium Oak 4255650121Quorum DK/MD OAK TYPE 1-52 POINT Dark Oak / Medium Oak 5255650111Quorum DK/MD OAK TYPE 1-52 SEMSQ Dark Oak / Medium Oak 5255650121Quorum DK/MD OAK TYPE 2-52 SEMSQ Dark Oak / Medium Oak 5255650122Quorum DK/MED OAK TYPE 5-56 SS Dark Oak / Medium Oak 5655650125Quorum DK/MED OAK TYPE 5-60 SS Dark Oak / Medium Oak 6055650125Quorum DVW TYPE 1-52 SEMISQ Vintage Walnut 5252020821Quorum DVW TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Vintage Walnut 5252020825Quorum MAPLE TYPE 3-52 SEMISQ MAPLE 5254646123Quorum MAPLE/SW TYPE 1-30 SEMISQ Maple / Studio White 3064608121Quorum MAPLE/SW TYPE 1-42 SEMISQ Maple / Studio White 4254608121Quorum MAPLE/SW TYPE 1-52 SEMISQ Maple / Studio White 5254608121Quorum MAPLE/SW TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Maple / Studio White 5254608125Quorum MAPLE/SW TYPE 5-56 SEMISQ Maple / Studio White 5654608125Quorum MAPLE/SW TYPE 5-60 SEMISQ Maple / Studio White 6054608125Quorum MD OK HI-GLS TYPE 1-52 SS Medium Oak 5255050221Quorum MD OK/WNT TYPE 1-52 POINT Medium Oak / Walnut 5255024111Quorum MED OAK TYPE 1-52 OD SS Medium Oak 5255050321Quorum MED OAK/RWD TYPE 5-52 SS Medium Oak 5255055125Quorum MED OAK/RWD TYPE 5-56 SS Medium Oak / Rosewood 5655055125Quorum MED OAK/RWD TYPE 5-60 SS Medium Oak / Rosewood 6055055125Quorum MED OAK/WLantern TYPE 1-52 SS Medium Oak / Walnut 5255024121Quorum MED OAK/WLantern TYPE 2-52 SS Medium Oak / Walnut 5255024122Quorum MS/WLantern TYPE 1-52 POINT Mystic Silver / Walnut 5258524111Quorum MS/WLantern TYPE 4-52 SCLPD Mystic Silver / Walnut 5258524164Quorum MS/WLantern TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Mystic Silver / Walnut 5258524125Quorum MS/WLantern TYPE 5-56 NAPOLN Mystic Silver / Walnut 5658524165Quorum MS/WLantern TYPE 5-56 SEMISQ Mystic Silver / Walnut 5658524125Quorum MS/WLantern TYPE 5-60 SEMISQ Mystic Silver / Walnut 6058524125Quorum OLD PINE TYPE 1-42 POINT Old Pine 4254545111Quorum OLD PINE TYPE 1-42 SEMISQ Old Pine 4254545121Quorum OLD PINE TYPE 1-52 POINT Old Pine 5254545111Quorum OLD PINE TYPE 1-52 SEMISQ Old Pine 5254545121Quorum OLD PINE TYPE 2-52 SEMISQ Old Pine 5254545122Quorum OLD PINE TYPE 3-52 SEMISQ OLD PINE 5254545123Quorum OW/WLantern TYPE 5-52 NAPOLN Old World / Walnut 5259524155Quorum OW/WLantern TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Old World / Walnut 5259524125Quorum OW/WLantern TYPE 5-60 NAPOLN Old World / Walnut 6059524155Quorum PNE/RWD TYPE 1-52 SEMISQ Pine / Rosewood 5255455121Quorum RWD TYPE 1-42 OD SEMISQ Rosewood 4255555321Quorum RWD TYPE 1-52 OD SEMISQ Rosewood 5255555321Quorum RWD TYPE 5-52 OD SEMISQ Rosewood 5255555325Quorum RWD TYPE 5-56 OD SEMISQ Rosewood 5655555325Quorum RWD TYPE 5-60 OD SEMISQ Rosewood 6055555325Quorum RWD/WLantern TYPE 1-30 SEMISQ Rosewood / Walnut 3065524121Quorum RWD/WLantern TYPE 1-42 SEMISQ Rosewood / Walnut 4255524121Quorum RWD/WLantern TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Rosewood / Walnut 5255524125Quorum RWD/WLantern TYPE 5-56 NAPOLN Rosewood / Walnut 5655524165Quorum RWD/WLantern TYPE 5-56 SEMISQ Rosewood / Walnut 5655524125Quorum RWD/WNT TYPE 5-60 SEMISQ Rosewood / Walnut 6055524125Quorum STN TYPE 1-30 SEMISQ Satin Nickel 3066565121Quorum STN TYPE 1-42 SEMISQ Satin Nickel 4256565121Quorum STN TYPE 1-52 SEMISQ Satin Nickel 5256565121Quorum STN TYPE 2-52 SEMISQ Satin Nickel 5256565122Quorum STN TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Satin Nickel 5256565125Quorum STN TYPE 5-56 SEMISQ Satin Nickel 5656565125Quorum STN TYPE 5-60 SEMISQ Satin Nickel 6056565125Quorum STN/WNT TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Satin Nickel / Walnut 5256524125Quorum SW TYPE 1-30 SEMISQ Studio White Studio White 3060808121Quorum SW TYPE 1-52 SEMISQ Studio White Studio White 5250808121Quorum SW TYPE 4-52 SCLPD Studio White Studio White 5250808164Quorum SW TYPE 5-52 OD SEMISQ Studio White 5250808325Quorum SW TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Studio White 5250808125Quorum SW TYPE 5-56 OD SEMISQ Studio White 5650808325Quorum SW TYPE 5-56 SEMISQ Studio White 5650808125Quorum SW TYPE 5-60 OD SEMISQ Studio White 6050808325Quorum SW TYPE 5-60 SEMISQ Studio White 6050808125Quorum TEAK TYPE 1-30 SEMSQ Teak 3068383121Quorum TEAK TYPE 1-42 SEMSQ Teak 4258383121Quorum TEAK TYPE 1-52 POINT Teak 5258383111Quorum TEAK TYPE 1-52 SEMISQ Teak 5258383121Quorum TEAK TYPE 2-52 SEMISQ Teak 5258383122Quorum TEAK TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Teak 5258383125Quorum TEAK TYPE 5-56 SEMISQ Teak 5658383125Quorum TEAK TYPE 5-60 SEMISQ Teak 6058383125Quorum TEAK/WLantern TYPE 5-56 SCLPD Teak / Walnut 5658324165Quorum TRIMMED DVW 1-52 SCLPD Distressed Vintage Walnut 5252020961Quorum TRIMMED DVW 4-52 SCLPD Distressed Vintage Walnut 5252020964Quorum TRIMMED DVW 5-52 SCLPD Distressed Vintage Walnut 5252020965Quorum TS/WLantern TYPE 5-52 NAPOLN Toasted Sienna / Walnut 5254424155Quorum TS/WLantern TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ Toasted Sienna / Walnut 5254424125Quorum TS/WLantern TYPE 5-60 SCLPD Toasted Sienna / Walnut 6054424155Quorum TS/WLantern TYPE 5-60 SEMISQ Toasted Sienna / Walnut 6054424125Quorum TS/WNT TYPE 5-56 SEMISQ Toasted Sienna / Walnut 5654424125Quorum UNFIN ASH TYPE 1-52 SEMSQ Unfinished Ash 5255858621Quorum UNFIN ASH TYPE 2-52 SEMSQ Unfinished Ash 5255858622Quorum VNTG WNT SCRAPPED 1-52 SS Vintage Walnut 5252020721Quorum VNTG WNT SCRAPPED 5-52 SS Vintage Walnut 5252020725Quorum WALNUT TYPE 1-30 OD SEMSQ Walnut 3062424321Quorum WALNUT TYPE 1-42 OD SEMSQ Walnut 4252424321Quorum WALNUT TYPE 1-52 OD SEMSQ Walnut 5252424321Quorum WALNUT TYPE 5-52 OD SEMSQ Walnut 5252424325Quorum WALNUT TYPE 5-56 OD SEMSQ Walnut 5652424325Quorum WALNUT TYPE 5-60 OD SEMSQ Walnut 6052424325Quorum Puffer WHITE TYPE 1-30 OD SEMISQ White 3060606321Quorum WHITE TYPE 1-30 SEMISQ White 3060606121Quorum WHITE TYPE 1-42 OD SEMISQ White 4250606321Quorum WHITE TYPE 1-42 POINT 4250606111Quorum WHITE TYPE 1-42 SEMISQ White 4250606121Quorum WHITE TYPE 1-52 POINT White 5250606111Quorum WHITE TYPE 1-52 SEMISQ 5250606121Quorum WHITE TYPE 2-52 SEMISQ White 5250606122Quorum WHITE TYPE 3-52 SEMISQ White 5250606123Quorum WHITE TYPE 5-52 OD SEMISQ White 5250606321Quorum WHITE TYPE 5-52 SEMISQ 5250606125Quorum WSH OAK/WH TYPE 5-52 SS Washed Oak / White 5255206125Quorum WSH OAK/WH TYPE 5-56 SS Washed Oak / White 5655206125Quorum WSH OAK/WH TYPE 5-60 SS Washed Oak / White 6055206125Quorum WTHRD PNE TYPE 1-30 OD SS Weathered Pine 3064747321Quorum WTHRD PNE TYPE 1-42 OD SS Weathered Pine 4254747321Quorum WTHRD PNE TYPE 1-52 OD SS Weathered Pine 5254747321Quorum WTHRD PNE TYPE 5-52 OD SS Weathered Pine 5254747325Quorum WTHRD PNE TYPE 5-52 SEMSQ Weathered Pine 5254747125Quorum WTHRD PNE TYPE 5-56 OD SS Weathered Pine 5654747325Quorum WTHRD PNE TYPE 5-56 SEMSQ Weathered Pine 5654747125Quorum WTHRD PNE TYPE 5-60 OD SS Weathered Pine 6054747325Quorum WTHRD PNE TYPE 5-60 SEMSQ Weathered Pine 6054747125
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