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Wall Mounts

Wall Mounts
Minka Lavery is a prestigious manufacturer of the Minka Lavery line of lighting. The business is older and over the past few years has developed a reputation for quality, particularly when it comes to workmanship. The Minka Lavery company is also known for developing fixtures that are universal, yet tasteful. In other words, they do not easily go out of style.

The Minka Group sells their durable and beautiful Minka Lavery lighting fixtures in both Europe and the United States. Lighting & Locks prides itself on hosting a large variety of Minka Lavery chandeliers, bringing elegant illumination to your most royal design ideas. The company also prides itself on offering attractive looking lighting for a reasonable price. The Minka Group has grown to become a leader in the decorative lighting industry.

With the people and distribution operating on two continents, the Minka Group family of businesses is leading the way in product design, knit together by a single level of quality over a broad range of price points.
Minka Lavery la cecilia wall sconce 1-light 6141-573Minka Lavery Sconce 6481-167BMinka Lavery atterbury wall sconce 2-light atterbury 6231-288Minka Lavery clarte wall sconce 3-light clarte 4393-573Minka Lavery clarte wall sconce 2-light clarte 6390-573Minka Lavery sconce 6431-267Minka Lavery Sconce 6431-77Minka Lavery aspen ii wall scone aspen redo 970-1-138Minka Lavery aspen ws 971-138Minka Lavery wall sconce 334-84-PLMinka Lavery ansmith 1 light wall bracket sconce 4490-298Minka Lavery grand salon 1 lite wall sconce 1571-477Minka Lavery ceramic wall sconce 9838Minka Lavery 2 Light Wall Mount 564-PLMinka Lavery tofino 1 light wall sconce 6765-211Minka Lavery salon grd 2light wall bracket 1562-477Minka Lavery paradox wall sconce 2-light 1420-84Minka Lavery agilis 84 wall bracket 6810-84Minka Lavery 1 light wall sconce w/bulb 1420-84-PLMinka Lavery aston court wall sconce 1-light 4750-206Minka Lavery wallmount 9830Minka Lavery wall sconce 549Minka Lavery Sconce 4502-292Minka Lavery jm 2006 new wall sconce 6650-479Minka Lavery wall sconce 371-PLMinka Lavery iconic 2 light bracket 6872-66Minka Lavery lineage ws 1270-357Minka Lavery 4 LIGHT WALL SCONCEMinka Lavery aspen vertical wall sconce 1972-138Minka Lavery 1 Light Sconce 940-243Minka Lavery wall sconce 259Minka Lavery 7 7/8 inch wall sconce 347-84-PLMinka Lavery 2 Light Wall Sconce 346-14-PLMinka Lavery belcaro ws 1 lite 5941-126Minka Lavery 7 inch wall sconce 344-84-PLMinka Lavery salon grd wall sconce 1553-477Minka Lavery wall sconce 333Minka Lavery sconce 6211-77Minka Lavery raiden wall sconce 1180-84Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 5510-126Minka Lavery illuminati wall sconce 1-light 6358-177Minka Lavery raiden 1 lite ws 1180-357Minka Lavery sconce 6212-77Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 1258-357Minka Lavery 2 Light Wall Sconce 549-PLMinka Lavery 2 LIGHT WALL SCONCEMinka Lavery WALL SCONCEMinka Lavery wall sconce 505-84-PLMinka Lavery tofino wall sconce 6767-211Minka Lavery aspen 11 1-2 inch wall sconce 1971-138Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 170Minka Lavery belcaro 2light wall bracket 1944-126Minka Lavery aston court wall sconce 1-light 6740-206Minka Lavery federal restoration 2 lite wall sconce 4282-77Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 1810-84Minka Lavery pl wall sconce 372-84-PLMinka Lavery aston court wall sconce 1-light 6751-206Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 1840-226Minka Lavery pacifica 12 sconce 841-91Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 4280-77Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 504-77Minka Lavery 2005 new wall sconce 348-37BMinka Lavery 7 inch wall sconce 345-37B-PLMinka Lavery caspian wall sconce 1-light 734-355Minka Lavery wall sconce 346-14Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 720-355Minka Lavery wall sconce 369-PLMinka Lavery pl wall sconce 373-84-PLMinka Lavery lineage 1 lite ws 6270-357Minka Lavery lineage ws 6271-357Minka Lavery aspen ii wall sconce aspen redo 1974-1-138Minka Lavery wall sconce 370-PLMinka Lavery wall sconce 332-37Minka Lavery wall sconce 338-1Minka Lavery wall sconce 344-84Minka Lavery wall sconce white scavo 345-37BMinka Lavery 2005 new wall sconce 341-84Minka Lavery wall sconce 342-357Minka Lavery 1light wall lamp 342-357-PLMinka Lavery calavera wall sconce 1-light 1680-14Minka Lavery 2005 new wall sconce 342-84Minka Lavery wall sconce 339-1Minka Lavery 2light wall lamp 341-357-PLMinka Lavery pacifica 8 inch sconce ligh 839-91Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 3260-77Minka Lavery wall sconce 505-84Minka Lavery aston court wall torchiere 2-light 4742-206Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 1170-56Minka Lavery ceramic 8 1/4 inch wall mount bulbe27 1 100w 564-1Minka Lavery aspen ii wall sconce aspen redo 1975-1-138Minka Lavery wall sconce 334-84Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 5517-126Minka Lavery calavera wall sconce 1-light 681-14Minka Lavery agilis 66 wall bracket 6810-66Minka Lavery calavera wall sconce repl gls g687-d 680-14Minka Lavery wall sconce 368-PLMinka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 6058-77Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 343-84-PLMinka Lavery agilis 66 wall sconce 1810-66Minka Lavery iconic 1 light bracket 6871-66Minka Lavery aston court wall sconce 1-light 4740-206Minka Lavery 1 Light Wall Sconce 731-355
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