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Minka Lavery chandeliers are the definition of drama and elegance. They are the perfect touch to any dining room or entry way. Whether you want a bold and modern piece or a classic and detailed chandelier, Minka Lavery has you covered.

Minka Lavery offers a number of various styles for you to choose from. If you want a huge statement piece, they offer a 21 light chandelier with crystal accents, which would look exquisite in a large open entryway of a home. For something smaller and more modern, they offer a 3 light mini chandelier in silver with simple glass shades, perfect for a kitchen island. Not exactly sure which size or style chandelier is perfect for your space, contact one of our professional designers above and we will be happy to help you find the perfect Minka Lavery chandelier.

No matter what your style or budget, you are sure to find a Minka Lavery chandelier to match both. Minka Lavery lighting is known for offering renowned quality light fixtures at affordable prices. Here at Lighting and Locks, we further the affordability of the many products we carry with low prices, no sales tax and fast and free shipping on orders over $49.

Minka Lavery atterbury chandelier 4+8-light atterbury 4239-288Minka Lavery atterbury chandelier 8-light atterbury 4238-288Minka Lavery atterbury chandelier 5-light atterbury 4235-288Minka Lavery 6 Light Chandelier 6249-267BMinka Lavery atterbury chandelier 5-light atterbury 4236-288Minka Lavery atterbury chandelier 4-light atterbury 4234-288Minka Lavery compositions 6 light changelier nov/09 4466-273Minka Lavery 4295-84 Laguna Vista 5 Light Chandelier Brushed NickelMinka Lavery 4299-84 Laguna Vista 9 Light Chandelier Brushed NickelMinka Lavery Chandelier 4479-298Minka Lavery Chandelier 4476-298Minka Lavery Chandelier 4149-573Minka Lavery la cecilia chandelier 5+1-light 4145-573Minka Lavery Chandelier 4485-167BMinka Lavery Chandelier 4484-167BMinka Lavery Chandelier 4489-167BMinka Lavery brompton 6 light chandelier nov/09 brompton 4336-561Minka Lavery brompton 2 tier 9 light chandelier nov/09 brompton 4339-561Metropolitan 12LT CHANDELIER N6957-267BMinka Lavery caspian chandelier 3-light 723-355Minka Lavery 5 Light Chandelier 685-14Minka Lavery 21 Light Chandelier 1869-66Minka Lavery raiden 6 lite ch 1186-357Minka Lavery 9 Light Chandelier 1838-221Minka Lavery 9 Light Chandelier 969-243Minka Lavery lineage 6 lite chandelier 1276-357Minka Lavery lineage 15 lite chandelier 1278-357Minka Lavery salon grd5 light chand 1555-477Minka Lavery illuminati chandelier 6-light 1356-177Minka Lavery raiden 3 light chand 1185-357Minka Lavery raiden 8 lite ch 1188-357Minka Lavery 4 Light Mini Chandelier 3128-479Minka Lavery calavera chandelier 6-light repl gls g682/g685/g688-cvr 688-14Minka Lavery chandelier 4507-292Minka Lavery Chandelier 4509-292Minka Lavery raiden 2 tier chand 1198-357Minka Lavery aston court chandelier 12-light 4758-206Minka Lavery aston court chandelier 6-light 4757-206Minka Lavery caspian chandelier 12-light 728-355Minka Lavery 5 Light Chandelier 726-355Minka Lavery paradox chandelier 3-light 1423-84Minka Lavery aston court chandelier 8-light 4756-206Minka Lavery paradox 5 lite chand pl 1425-84-PLMinka Lavery aston court chandelier 21-light 4759-206Minka Lavery aston court chandelier 3-light 4753-206Minka Lavery 11 Light Chandelier 4749-206Minka Lavery 3 Light Chandelier 71100-357-PLMinka Lavery belcaro 3 light chand 943-126Minka Lavery lineage 9 lite chandelier 1277-357Minka Lavery agilis 84 5 light chand 1815-84Minka Lavery 9 Light Chandelier 689-14Minka Lavery 6 Light Chandelier 4256-208Minka Lavery 5 Light Chandelier 4255-208Minka Lavery mini chand 3133-209Minka Lavery 12 Light Chandelier 4259-208Minka Lavery 4 Light Chandelier 4254-208Minka Lavery aston court chandelier 5-light 4755-206Minka Lavery agilis 66 5 light chand 1815-66Minka Lavery belcaro 5 lite ch 957-126Minka Lavery agilis 66 3 light chand 1813-66Minka Lavery agilis 3 light chand 1813-84Minka Lavery grand salon 5 lite down chand 1575-477Minka Lavery agilis 66 tier chand 1818-66Minka Lavery 6 Light Chandelier 1486-231Minka Lavery 5 Light Chandelier 1796-216Minka Lavery 15 Light Chandelier 1428-84Minka Lavery paradox 2 tier chand pl 1429-84-PLMinka Lavery caspian chandelier 9-light 729-355Minka Lavery belcaro 5 lite ch 955-126Minka Lavery 5 Light Chandelier 1835-221Minka Lavery 15 Light Chandelier 1839-221Minka Lavery agilis 2 tier chand 1818-84Minka Lavery 3 Light Mini Chandelier 1833-221Minka Lavery paradox chandelier 5-light 1425-84Minka Lavery aston court chandelier 9-light 1748-206Minka Lavery mini chand 3132-77Minka Lavery aston court chandelier 5-light 1745-206Minka Lavery aston court chandelier 6-light 1746-206Minka Lavery salon grd 2teir chand 1559-477Minka Lavery lineage chandelie 4 light 1259-357Minka Lavery 1730 series chandelier 3-light 1733-167Minka Lavery 1730 series chandelier 5-light 1735-167Minka Lavery 5 Light Chandelier 1856-226Minka Lavery aston court chandelier 5-light 174-206Minka Lavery 3 Light Mini Chandelier 1783-216Minka Lavery bellasera 3 light chand bellasera 1773-301Minka Lavery 4 Light Mini Chandelier 1554-477Minka Lavery 2005 new mini chand 3129-479Minka Lavery illuminati chandelier 9-light 1358-177Minka Lavery 15 Light Chandelier 948-126Minka Lavery 2005 new mini chand 3127-126Minka Lavery paradox chandelier 9-light 1429-84Minka Lavery mini chand 3131-77Minka Lavery 5 light mini chandelier 3130-201Minka Lavery mini chand 3134-207Minka Lavery illuminati chandelier 3-light 1353-177Minka Lavery 9 light chandelier 1648A-156-PLMinka Lavery calavery chandelier 3-light 1683-14Minka Lavery illuminati chandelier 5-light 1355-177Minka Lavery 1730 series chandelier 9-light 1739-167Minka Lavery 3 Light Mini Chandelier 1643A-156-PLMinka Lavery 15 Light Chandelier 1749-206
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