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Wall Mounts

Metropolitan 2L WALL SCONCE N2100-20Metropolitan 1LT BATH BAR OPT SH N2451-26Metropolitan WALL SCONCE N2921-77Metropolitan 2-LT WALL BRACKET N201902Metropolitan CLASSIC BRASS WALL BRK/GLASS N801901Metropolitan HALF SCONCE N950496-54BMetropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N9805-OXBMetropolitan WALL BRACKET EXPO03 4s N202102Metropolitan SALAMANCA 3LT SCONCE N6512-468Metropolitan 2LT WALL N952059Metropolitan 1LTS.EMPIRE WALL SCONCE N201901Metropolitan WALL SCONCE FOR N9411/N9412 N9413Metropolitan 3X2-L BZ&CRYS.WALL BKT 14X19 Inch N820-BZMetropolitan 1 LITE WALL SCONCE N200401Metropolitan WALL SCONCE N950166Metropolitan 3LT WALL BRACKET N9800Metropolitan 2 LITE WALL BRACKET N2262Metropolitan WALL BRACKET N202002-PCMetropolitan WALL BKT 3LT FG N9109Metropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N9017Metropolitan 2LT CANDELABRA WS MZ041802-1 N6302-HBMetropolitan 2LT WALL SC OXIDIZE BR F20 N2414Metropolitan 2LT WALL - LEFT N950397Metropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N9812Metropolitan WALL SCONCE N200502Metropolitan 2LT WALL W/ CRYSTAL N952115Metropolitan CLASSIC BRASS WALL BRACKET N700202Metropolitan 4LT WALL SCONCE N950200Metropolitan WALL BRACKETS N202003-FGMetropolitan 2LT WALL SCONCE N9005Metropolitan 3-LT WS 80095-363 GL6222-1/-2 N6222-363Metropolitan 2LT WALL N950492Metropolitan 2LT WALL SCONCE N952010Metropolitan 4-LITE WALL SCONCE N2344Metropolitan 3LT WALL W/ CRYSTAL N952013Metropolitan 2L BRACKET OPTIONAL SHADE N2130-34Metropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N9802Metropolitan 3LT WALL SCONCE N2016-198Metropolitan WALL BKT 2LT FG/MIRROR N9104Metropolitan 2 LITE WALL SCONCE OPT SHADES N2109-20Metropolitan 2LT WALL SCONCE N9001Metropolitan CANTABRIA 1LT SCONCE N6341-196Metropolitan 1LT WALL BRACKET N2419-07Metropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N2420-49Metropolitan 1LT WALL BRACKET N2180-473Metropolitan ANTIQUE ALABASTER WALL BRACKET N259702Metropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N9813-2Metropolitan WITH OUT GREEN PATINA N202501-ANMetropolitan 3-L BRONZE WALL BKT 11X25-1/2 Inch N682Metropolitan 1LT WALL BRACKET N9808-FGMetropolitan 3LT WALL BRACKET N6048-159Metropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N9809-FGMetropolitan CACERES 2LT WALL SCONCE N6332-360Metropolitan WALL BKT 2LT LION HEAD N9102Metropolitan 3LT WALL BRACKET N9813-3Metropolitan WALL SCONCE N2185-473Metropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N2181-473Metropolitan WALL BKT 10X17 2LT FRENCH GOLD N1789Metropolitan WALL SCONCE N950496Metropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N9809-PCMetropolitan 1LT WALL SCONCE N6045-159Metropolitan 2 LT WALL SCONCE MZ041902-1 N6310-BFMetropolitan WALL BKT 14X20 3LT FRENCH GOLD N1773Metropolitan 1-LT PB WALL BRACKET 6X12 Inch N995-PBMetropolitan 1LT WALL BRACKET N2405-49Metropolitan 2LT WALL SCONCE F20 FINISH N2415Metropolitan 3LT WALL BRACKET N2231-355Metropolitan 1LT WALL N950443Metropolitan 1LT WALL BRACKET 64 Inch N2236-355Metropolitan WALL SCONCE GL6090 N6090-18BMetropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N6483-270Metropolitan WALL SCONCE N2230-355Metropolitan 1LT WALL BRACKET OPTIONAL SHAD N2461-84Metropolitan 1LT WALL BRACKET N6930-77Metropolitan 2 LITE WALL BRACKET N682BMetropolitan 2LT WALL BRACKET N6082-194Metropolitan SALAMANCA 1LT WALL N6511-468Metropolitan 1LT WALL BRACKET N6075-194Metropolitan WALL SCONCE N6482-270Metropolitan 1LT WALL BRACKET N6531-159Metropolitan 2LT WALL SCONCE N6081-194Metropolitan 1LT WALL SCONCE N6521-468Metropolitan WALL SCONCE N6490-270Metropolitan WALL SCONCE FAUX ALAB GL2031 N2031Metropolitan 1LT WALL BRACKET N6058-265Metropolitan 2 LT WALL SCONCE N6042-159
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