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LED Accessories

ET2 StarStrand Securing Bracket for 150w Driver E53297ET2 StarStrand Securing Bracket for 320w Driver E53298ET2 StarStrand 6-Pin Rough-In Terminal E53258ET2 StarStrand Basic End Feed (6/PK) E53260ET2 StarStrand Basic Splicer (10/PK) E53261ET2 StarStrand 4-Pin 4-Way Connector E53263ET2 StarStrand 4-Pin Male End Cap (10/PK) E53264ET2 StarStrand 4-Pin Male-to-Male Connector (10/PK) E53262ET2 StarStrand Basic Flexible Connector (6/PK) E53259ET2 StarStrand 4-Pin Silicone End Cap (10/PK) E53269ET2 StarStrand 12V Outdoor End Cap with Silicone Kit E53295ET2 StarStrand Universal Plastic Wire Clips (10/PK) E53255ET2 StarStrand Universal Heat Shrink Wrap (10/PK) E53256ET2 StarStrand 4-Pin RGB Rough-In Terminal E53383ET2 StarStrand 6-Pin 90 Connector E53464ET2 StarStrand 6-Pin Silicone End Cap (10/PK) E53469ET2 StarStrand 4-Pin Rough-In Terminal E53257ET2 StarStrand 6-Pin 4-Way Connector E53350ET2 StarStrand 4-Pin to 6-Pin Adapter Cord E53352ET2 StarStrand 4-Pin to 6-Pin Adapter Cord with Switch E53353ET2 StarStrand 24V Outdoor End Cap with Silicone Kit E53368ET2 StarStrand 6-Pin Male/Male Adapter (6/PK) E53342ET2 StarStrand 6-Pin Male End Cap (6/PK) E53344ET2 StarStrand 6-Pin Male Extender (6/PK) E53341ET2 StarStrand Adjustable 6-Pin Connector E53462ET2 StarStrand Channel Star 24 4-Pin Rough-In Terminal E53382ET2 StarStrand Digital Rainbow Star Power Feed (6/PK) E53566ET2 StarStrand 24V DMX512 RGB Controller E53387ET2 StarStrand Rainbow Dial Controller E53601ET2 StarStrand RGB Dial Controller E53600ET2 StarStrand Digital Rainbow Star DMX Controller E53388ET2 StarStrand Digital Rainbow Star WiFi Controller E53392ET2 StarStrand 24V Amplifier E53386ET2 StarStrand 24V Outdoor RGB Amplifier E53390ET2 StarStrand 24V RGB Controller E53385ET2 StarStrand 24V Outdoor RGB Controller E53389ET2 StarStrand 24V Color Flex Controller E53398ET2 StarStrand Digital Rainbow Star Controller E53391ET2 StarStrand 3" 4-Pin Indoor Connector Cord E53265ET2 StarStrand 7" 4-Pin Indoor Connector Cord E53266ET2 StarStrand 13" 4-Pin Indoor Connector Cord E53267ET2 StarStrand 73" 4-Pin Indoor Connector Cord E53268ET2 StarStrand 73" 6-Pin Indoor Connector Cord E53468ET2 StarStrand 13" 6-Pin Indoor Connector Cord E53467ET2 StarStrand 5" 6-Pin Indoor Connector Cord E53465ET2 StarStrand 144" 24V Aqua Connector Cord E53365ET2 StarStrand 48" 24V Aqua Connector Cord E53364ET2 MX-LD-D Rough In Terminal E53865ET2 StarStrand 24V 60w Dimmable Class II Driver E53311ET2 StarStrand 24V 100w Outdoor Dimmable Class II Driv E53316ET2 StarStrand 12V 60w Dimmable Class II Driver E53310ET2 100w Dimmable Driver E53330ET2 100w Dimmable Driver 277V E53331ET2 StarStrand 30W 24V Dimmable Driver in Wire Box E53326ET2 StarStrand 12V Dimming Controller E53282ET2 StarStrand 24V Dimming Controller E53393ET2 StarStrand 12V 30w Class II Driver E53302ET2 StarStrand 12V 150w Driver E53277ET2 StarStrand 24V 96w Class II Driver E53286ET2 StarStrand 24V 320w Driver E53288ET2 StarStrand 24V 150w Driver E53287ET2 StarStrand 24V 60w Outdoor Driver E53380ET2 StarStrand 24V 150w Outdoor Driver E53381ET2 StarStrand 12V 60w Class II Driver E53304ET2 StarStrand 24V 60w Class II Driver E53318ET2 StarStrand 24V 480w Driver E53289ET2 StarStrand 12V 40w Class II Driver E53329ET2 StarStrand 30W 24V Driver in Wire Box E53324ET2 StarStrand 48" 45 Angle Aluminum Channel E53374ET2 StarStrand 36" Flexible Aluminum Channel E53254ET2 StarStrand 60" Aluminum Channel E53373ET2 StarStrand 6-Pin Mounting Clips (20/PK) E53273ET2 StarStrand 4-Pin Mounting Clips (20/PK) E53272ET2 StarStrand 24V Outdoor Mounting Clip (10/PK) E53370ET2 StarStrand Channel 45 Mounting Clips (4/PK) E53355ET2 StarStrand Channel Flat Mounting Clips (4/PK) E53354ET2 StarStrand 12V 60w Plug-In Class II Driver E53275ET2 StarStrand 12V 30w Plug-In Outdoor Class II Driver E53278ET2 StarStrand 12V 60w Plug-In Outdoor Class II Driver E53279ET2 StarStrand 24V 60w Plug-In Class II Driver E53313
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