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Light Kit Glass

Minka Aire Ceiling Fan Glass Shade M2390Minka Aire Ceiling Fan Glass Shade M2110Minka Aire Ceiling Fan 2 1/4" Glass Shade 2633Minka Aire Ceiling Fan 2 1/4" Glass Shade 4099Minka Aire Ceiling Fan 2 1/4" Glass Shade 2010Minka Aire Ceiling Fan 2 1/4" Glass Shade 2648Minka Aire Ceiling Fan 2 1/4" Glass Shade 2568Minka Aire Ceiling Fan 2 1/4" Glass Shade 2567Minka Aire Ceiling Fan 2 1/4" Glass Shade 2569Minka Aire Ceiling Fan 2 1/4" Glass Shade 2562Minka Aire Ceiling Fan 2 1/4" Glass Shade 2651Quorum 2.25 AMBER INDIAN SCVO GL Amber Indian Scavo 2812A1Quorum 2.25 AMBER SCAVO BARREL Amber Scavo 2843Quorum 2.25 AMBR H2O MARK BARREL Amber Water Mark 2943RQuorum 2.25 ANT AMBR SCVO BARREL Antique Amber Scavo 2943A3Quorum 2.25 BROWN FAUX ALAB GLS Faux Brown Alabaster 2814Quorum 2.25 CRM MOTLD SCVO BARRL Cream Mottled Scavo 2943EQuorum 2.25 ETRSCN W/AMBR BARREL Etruscan with Amber Accent 2943AQuorum 2.25 FAUX ALAB BARREL Faux Alabaster 2943Quorum 2.25 SATIN OPAL BARREL Satin Opal 2943HQuorum 2.25" AMBER FROST GLASS Amber Frost 2812GQuorum 2.25" AMBER FROST SQUARE Amber Frost 2469GQuorum 2.25" AMBER FROST TULIP Amber Frost 2309GQuorum 2.25" AMBER LINEN GLASS Amber Linen 2831Quorum 2.25" AMBER LINEN TULIP Amber Linen 2833Quorum 2.25" AMBER SCAVO GLASS Amber Scavo 2840Quorum 2.25" AMBER SCAVO TULIP Amber Scavo 2842Quorum 2.25" AMBER STONE GLASS Amber Stone 2812PQuorum 2.25" CLEAR CRACKLE GLASS Clear 2807Quorum 2.25" CLEAR HAMMERED GLS Clear 2104Quorum 2.25" CLEAR RIBBED BELL Clear 2291Quorum 2.25" CLEAR RIBBED BELL Clear 2531Quorum 2.25" CLEAR SEEDED GLASS Clear 2801Quorum 2.25" CREAM MOTTLED SCAVO Cream Mottled Scavo 2812EQuorum 2.25" CVNTRY FAUX ALAB GL Faux Alabaster 2915Quorum 2.25" FAUX ALAB GLS Faux Alabaster 2812Quorum 2.25" FROST HAMMERED GLS Frost 2105Quorum 2.25" FROST RIBBED BELL Frost 2292Quorum 2.25" FROST RIBBED BELL Frost 2532Quorum 2.25" FROST TULIP Frost 2309Quorum 2.25" FRST RIBBED SQUARE Frost 2472Quorum 2.25" ICED ETRUSCAN GLASS Iced Etruscan 2812UQuorum 2.25" ICED ETRUSCAN TULIP Iced Etruscan 2915UQuorum 2.25" LINEN GLASS Linen 2819Quorum 2.25" OPAL TULIP Opal 2520Quorum 2.25" SATIN OPAL TULIP GL Satin Opal 2520HQuorum 2.25" TRADNL WHITE TULIP White 2156Quorum 2.25"ETRUSCAN W/AMBER AC Etruscan Slate / Amber 2812AQuorum 2.25"WIDE FAUX ALAB GLASS Faux Alabaster 2813Quorum 4" OPAL 8" SCHOOLHOUSE Opal 4100Quorum CREAM MOTTLED SCAVO BELL Cream Mottled Scavo 2813EQuorum CREAM MOTTLED SCAVO TULIP Cream Mottled Scavo 2915EQuorum ETRUSCAN W/AMBER AC TULIP Etruscan Slate / Amber 2915AMinka-Aire Glass Shade - 2018AMinka-Aire Glass Shade - 2548Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2549Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2560Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2565Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2593-1Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2593-2Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2593-4Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2593-5Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2632Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2636Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2645Minka-Aire Glass Shade - 2646Minka-Aire Etched Marble Glass Shade - 2652Monte Carlo Glass -Opal Schoolhouse - G101Monte Carlo Glass -Frost - G1014Monte Carlo Glass -Frosted Clear Crystal - G420Monte Carlo Glass -Opal Swirl Small Bell - G826Monte Carlo Glass -Clear Frosted Victorian - G833Monte Carlo Glass -Clear - G885Monte Carlo Glass -Frosted with Brushed Pewter Rim - G890Monte Carlo Glass -Antique White Scavo - G966Monte Carlo Glass -White Opal - G975Monte Carlo Glass -White Faux Alabaster - G990Monte Carlo 4 Light Fitter (Neck Glass Only) -Roman Bronze - MC37RB-L
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