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Looking for cute floor lamps or old fashioned floor lamps? Maybe nursery floor lamps or luxury floor lamps? Lighting and Locks is the best place to buy floor lamps online. We have a huge selection of lamps including floor lamps for kids rooms, LED floor lamps for home, energy efficient floor lamps, exotic floor lamps, shabby chic floor lamps, country style floor lamps and multi bulb floor lamp.
Verilux VF03FF1 Heritage Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor LampVaxcel Capri Floor LampTrend Lighting Urban Basic Club Floor TFB435-26Trend Lighting Bordeaux Arc Floor Lamp TFA8960Trend Lighting Bordeaux Arc Floor Lamp TFA8965Trend Lighting Marquis Floor Lamp TF6229Trend Lighting Gustavian Floor Lamp TF4216Trend Lighting Linque Floor Lamp TF7576Trend Lighting Cavelleto Floor Lamp TF399Trend Lighting Braccino Floor Lamp TF568-07Trend Lighting ÒAestheticÓ Floor Lamp TF3627-08Trend Lighting Threads Floor Lamp BF5537Trend Lighting Paparazzi Floor Lamp TF7766-BTrend Lighting Paparazzi Floor Lamp TF7766-STrend Lighting Lux II Arc Floor Lamp BFA8411Trend Lighting Shanghai Arc Floor Lamp BFA8516Trend Lighting Brella Arc Floor Lamp BFA8400Trend Lighting Pique Arc Floor Lamp TFA3976-WTrend Lighting Paparazzi Arc Floor Lamp TFA7768-BTrend Lighting Paparazzi Arc Floor Lamp TFA7768-STrend Lighting Lotus Floor Lamp TF6963Trend Lighting Pique Floor Lamp TF3977-WTrend Lighting Threads Floor Lamp BF5532Trend Lighting Riley Floor Lamp BF7475Trend Lighting Precision Floor Lamp TF7305Trend Lighting Astoria Tree Floor Lamp TFA9300Trend Lighting Lux Arc Floor Lamp TFA9307Trend Lighting Hera Floor Lamp TF6644Trend Lighting Aphrodite Floor Lamp TF6994Trend Lighting Station Floor Lamp TF8214Trend Lighting Brella Floor Lamp BF5533Trend Lighting Stilts Floor Lamp BF5535Trend Lighting Shift Floor Lamp TF3094Trend Lighting Linque Floor Lamp TF7578Trend Lighting Primo Floor Lamp BF1674Trend Lighting Roosevelt Floor Lamp BF7164Trend Lighting Fusion Floor Lamp TF5095Trend Lighting Bond Floor Lamp TF3427Trend Lighting Distratto Floor Lamp TF4825Trend Lighting Montgomery Floor Lamp TF3389-45Trend Lighting Titan Floor Lamp TF1278Trend Lighting Prestige Floor Lamp TF7728Trend Lighting Soleil Accent Lamp BT1200Trend Lighting Mystic Accent Lamp BT1201Trend Lighting Roosevelt Downbridge Floor Lamp BF7169Trend Lighting ÒSinatra IIÓ Floor Lamp TF5755Trend Lighting Allegro Floor Lamp BF2705Trend Lighting Pique Floor Lamp TF3966-WTrend Lighting Pure Floor Lamp BF7103-STrend Lighting Nimbus Floor Lamp BF7145Trend Lighting Cirrus Floor Lamp BF7153Trend Lighting Cereberus Floor Lamp TF2839Trend Lighting ÒAestheticÓ Floor Lamp TF3627-26Trend Lighting Apollo Floor Lamp TF7985Trend Lighting Pirouette Floor Lamp TF7969Trend Lighting Butler Floor Lamp TF7992Trend Lighting Butler Floor Lamp TF7993Trend Lighting Lux II Floor Lamp BF4827Trend Lighting Pallaeh Crystal Floor Lamp TF5809Trend Lighting Palla Floor Lamp TF5875Trend Lighting Facetnation Floor Lamp TF5928Trend Lighting Palla Accent Lamp TA5850Trend Lighting Cascades Accent Lamp TA8780Trend Lighting Apollo Floor Lamp TF7582Trend Lighting Soar Task Floor Lamp TD3630Trend Lighting Slim Task Floor Lamp TF2205Trend Lighting Slim Task Floor Lamp TF2216Trend Lighting Slant Task Floor Lamp TF2325Trend Lighting Slant Task Floor Lamp TF2333Trend Lighting Slant Task Floor Lamp TF2346Trend Lighting Panorama Task Floor Lamp TF3645Trend Lighting Panorama Task Floor Lamp TF3640Trend Lighting Pearce Floor Lamp TR2357Trend Lighting Aldrich Floor Lamp TR2365Trend Lighting Linea Floor Lamp TF1650Trend Lighting Haiku Floor Lamp TF7217Trend Lighting Spumante Floor Lamp TF5317Casablanca Fan Co. Duo Wireless Speaker Floor Lamp - Black 21631Casablanca Fan Co. Duo Wireless Speaker Floor Lamp with Maestro Transmitter 21632Metropolitan 72 Inch TORCHIERE N32353-159Minka Lavery 1 light Floor Lamp 10042-0Minka Lavery Floor Lamp 20702-626Minka Lavery Floor Lamp 20710-625Minka Lavery Floor Lamp 22325-473Minka Lavery Floor Lamp 22374-77Minka Lavery Floor Lamp 22304-0Minka Lavery lineage torchiere T30350-357Minka Lavery Floor Lamp 20854-0Metropolitan 69 Inch FLOOR LAMP N22353-159George Kovacs P876-077 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P626-084 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P683-1-077 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P334-3C-077 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P334-3R-077 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P491-2-077 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P223-03-077 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P295-3-077 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P744-077 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P361-3-084 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P699-084 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P786-084 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P827-077 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P714-609 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P051-1-084 Floor LampGeorge Kovacs P789-066 Floor LampELK Lighting 4 LIGHT FLOOR LAMP IN BLACKENED RUST AND NATU 7943/4ELK Lighting 5 LIGHT FLOOR LAMP IN TALHA BRONZE AND MULTI 1701/5ELK Lighting 6 LIGHT FLOOR LAMP IN SILVER LEAF AND HAND FO 1695/6Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1755Dimond Alva Contemporary Floor Lamp In A Black Nickel Finish With Triple Purple Sphere Design. The Shade Is D2231Dimond Logan Square Floor Lamp in Dark Brown with Off - White Linen Shade D2183Dimond Mount Vernon Floor Lamp in Espresso Wood and Satin Nickel with Satin Nickel Shade D2179Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1598Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1735Dimond Farmhouse Floor Lamp In An Antique Bronze Finish With Metal Shade D2254Dimond Perth Floor Lamp In A Bronze Mosaic And Coffee Plated Finish With A Chocolate Faux Silk Shade And D2234Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1607Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1751Dimond Arlington Floor Lamp in Chrome D2187Dimond Champlain Floor Lamp in Chrome D2190Dimond Curzon Floor Lamp in Chrome and Black D2126Dimond Cyprus Grove Floor Lamp in Chrome and Black D2128Dimond Cyprus Grove Floor Lamp in Chrome and Black D2129Dimond Ingelside Floor Lamp in Chrome with Chrome Shade D2177Dimond Oxford Contemporary Slim Profile Floor Lamp With Crystal Break And Mylar Shade D2203Dimond Studio Floor Lamp in Chrome and Black with Pure White Woven Linen Shade D2127Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1407Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1411Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1489Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1427BDimond One Light Floor Lamp D1427WDimond One Light Floor Lamp D1428Dimond Two Light Floor Lamp D1474Dimond Avon Comtemporary Chrome Floor Lamp With Intertwined Circular Design With A White Hardbacked Shad D1476Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1495Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1881Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1891Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1739Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1710Dimond Danforth Floor Lamp In A Coffee Plated Finish With Double Cut Sphere Design Element. The Shade Is A D2223Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1403DDimond Cyprus Grove Floor Lamp in Satin Nickel D2130Dimond Hollis Floor Lamp In An Antique Mercury Glass And Polished Nickel Finish With A Champagn Faux Silk S D2228Dimond Salford Floor Lamp in Satin Nickel with Off-White Linen Shade - Pure White Fabric Liner D2121Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1865Dimond Penbrook Arc Floor Lamp in Silver Plating with White Marble Base and Chrome Shade D2173Dimond Luella Floor Lamp in a Clear Finish with Off - White Faux Silk Shade - Off-White Fabric Liner D2166Dimond One Light Floor Lamp D1466Vaxcel Avignon Floor LampVaxcel Capri Floor LampVaxcel Dynasty Floor LampVaxcel Lodge Floor LampVaxcel Monrovia Floor LampMurray Feiss Adler 1 Bulb Espresso Lamp T1189ESMurray Feiss Anora 5 Bulb Palladio / Dark Walnut Lamp FL6290PAL-DWMurray Feiss Bismarck 1 Bulb Tudor Brown Lamp T1185TBRMurray Feiss Broderick 1 Bulb Speckled Taupe Lamp T1181SPTMurray Feiss Caliper 1 Bulb Firenze Gold Portable Lamp FL6298FGMurray Feiss Canyon Creek 1 Bulb Driftwood / Copper Portable Lamp FL6300DRFW-COMurray Feiss Caspian 1 Bulb Burnished Platinum Lamp FL6278BUPMMurray Feiss Castalia 1 Bulb Silver Leaf Sienna Lamp FL6252SLSMurray Feiss Castello 1 Bulb Medium Aged Wood Portable Lamp FL6294MAWMurray Feiss Castello 1 Bulb Tole Black Portable Lamp FL6299TBKMurray Feiss Castello 1 Bulb Weathered Grey Portable Lamp FL6294WGYMurray Feiss Chandler Library 1 Bulb Rubbed Wood Lamp FL6182RWMurray Feiss Chandler Library 1 Bulb Rubbed Wood Lamp T1158RWMurray Feiss Davidson 1 Bulb Antique Copper / Silver Leaf Patina Portable Lamp FL6297ABZ-SLPMurray Feiss Davidson 1 Bulb Firenze Gold / Silver Leaf Patina Portable Lamp FL6296FG-SLPMurray Feiss Dorset 1 Bulb Dark Coffee Bronze Floor Lamp FL6310DCBMurray Feiss Edgemont 1 Bulb Spice Floor Lamp FL6301SPMurray Feiss Gibson 4 Bulb Cambridge Crackle Lamp FL6259CACMurray Feiss Gibson 1 Bulb Cambridge Crackle Lamp FL6261CACMurray Feiss Grayson 1 Bulb Autumn Shade Lamp FL6226ASDMurray Feiss Heath 1 Bulb Ebony / Rubbed wood Finish Lamp FL6263EBY-RWMurray Feiss Heath 1 Bulb Ebony / Rubbed wood Finish Lamp T1190EBY-RWMurray Feiss Heath 1 Bulb Ebony / Rubbed wood Finish Lamp FL6262EBY-RWMurray Feiss Heritage 1 Bulb Midnight Silver Lamp FL6222MSVRMurray Feiss Independents 1 Bulb Antique Cream/Painted Antique Bronze Lamp FL6256AC-PABMurray Feiss Independents 1 Bulb Firenze Gold Lamp T1177FGMurray Feiss Kemster 1 Bulb Spice Floor Lamp FL6302SPMurray Feiss Lincolndale 1 Bulb Astral Bronze Lamp FL6205ASTBMurray Feiss Lincolndale 1 Bulb Astral Bronze Lamp T1167ASTBMurray Feiss Maddalyn 1 Bulb Antique Brown Lamp FL6236ANBMurray Feiss Maddalyn 1 Bulb Antique Brown Lamp FL6237ANBMurray Feiss Meridian Court 1 Bulb Rich Earth Lamp T1175REMurray Feiss Montereau 1 Bulb Oil Rubbed Bronze Portable Lamp FL6295ORBMurray Feiss Opera 1 Bulb Firenze Gold Lamp T1152FGMurray Feiss Plymouth 1 Bulb Dark Coffee Bronze Lamp FL6288DCBMurray Feiss Plymouth 1 Bulb Polished Nickel Lamp FL6288PNMurray Feiss Revere 1 Bulb Polished Nickel Lamp FL6287PNMurray Feiss Rialto 1 Bulb British Bronze / Florentine Gold Lamp T1187BRB-FLGMurray Feiss Riley 1 Bulb River Stone Lamp FL6291RSMurray Feiss Seraphina 1 Bulb Copper Bronze Lamp T1194CPBZMurray Feiss Shaw 1 Bulb Dark Rustic Iron Floor Lamp FL6309DRIMurray Feiss Skyler 1 Bulb Ebonized Silver Leaf / Black Lamp FL6265ESL-BKMurray Feiss Skyler 1 Bulb Ebonized Silver Leaf / Black Lamp T1191ESL-BKMurray Feiss Sparta 1 Bulb Firenze Gold Lamp FL6230FGMurray Feiss Sylus 1 Bulb Polished Nickel Lamp FL6282PNMurray Feiss Tavaris 1 Bulb Antique Silver Leaf Lamp FL6273ASLFMurray Feiss Telegraph Hill 1 Bulb Walnut/Firenze Gold Lamp FL6149WAL-FGMurray Feiss Theodore 1 Bulb Barley Lamp FL6285BRYMurray Feiss Thomlinson Place 1 Bulb Midnight Silver Lamp FL6292MSVRMurray Feiss Thomlinson Place 2 Bulb Midnight Silver Lamp FL6293MSVRMurray Feiss Trent 1 Bulb Russet Lamp T1186RTMurray Feiss Urban Renewal 1 Bulb Antique Forged Iron Floor Lamp FL6305AFMurray Feiss Urban Renewal 1 Bulb Dark Antique Brass Floor Lamp FL6306DABMurray Feiss Urban Renewal 1 Bulb Rustic Iron Floor Lamp FL6308RIMurray Feiss Urban Renewal 1 Bulb Weathered Zinc Floor Lamp FL6307WZCMurray Feiss Zoe 1 Bulb Bedpost White Lamp FL6264BPW
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